Windows 11 Requires an Internet Connection and Microsoft Account At Setup

Slashdot reader xack points out that Windows 11, Microsoft’s next version of its desktop operating system, will require a Microsoft account and internet connection for setup. They write: Based on Microsoft’s official requirements you need an internet connection to install Windows 11. This means people without internet access at home, especially in rural and poorer households, won’t be able to use Windows 11. I hope Microsoft fixes this problem before release. Previous versions of Windows “would let you opt out of Microsoft accounts by creating a local account instead,” notes The Verge. “It’s possible you’ll still be able to use a local account afterwards.” As for the internet requirement, The Verge says it “may make sense since Windows 11 will largely be delivered via a Windows Update, like many of the updates to Windows 10, so you’d need an internet connection to install it on your PC.”

Microsoft is also changing the Windows 11 minimum requirements, though they are only slightly higher than what’s required to run Windows 10.

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