Taiwan Will Soon Have More Electric Scooter Battery Swap Stations Than Gas Stations

According to Electrek, the number of Gogoro electric scooter battery swap stations in Taiwan will soon eclipse the country’s total number of gas stations. From the report: Gogoro’s battery swap stations look something like a bright green and white vending machine. Users of Gogoro’s batteries (which include scooters of many different brands thanks to its partnerships), simply roll up to a station and swap out their depleted battery for a freshly charged unit. A subscription service makes it a quick and easy process that takes just a few seconds. At the end of 2021, Gogoro counted a total of 2,215 GoStations nationwide, according to the Taipei Times. The number of gas stations stood barely higher at 2,487. At Gogoro’s current rate of expansion, 2022 very well may be the year that the number of GoStations surpasses the number of gas stations.

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