Personal and Salary Data for 637,138 Albanian Citizens Leaks Online

The Albanian government has confirmed and apologized this week for a data leak that exposed the personal and salary-related information for 637,138 citizens, more than 22% of the country’s entire population. From a report: Details such as names, ID card numbers, salaries, job positions, and employer names were shared over the weekend on WhatsApp as an Excel document. The file included what appeared to be tax and salary information filed by companies with the Albanian government for the month of January 2021, according to local media. In a press conference today, Prime Minister Edi Rama confirmed and apologized for the breach. “According to a preliminary analysis, it looks more like an internal infiltration rather than an outside […] cyber-attack,” Rama told reporters, according to the Associated Press. The leak is now being investigated by the Tirana Prosecutor’s Office, a government spokesperson said.

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