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Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron are warned that the migrant crisis they are currently facing is likely to get worse, is Nostradamus’ prophecies are to be believed. Nostradamus, the famous mystic from 450 years ago, who’s known for his out-there “predictions,” apparently believed that the next year will be far from normal.

The seer, also known as Michel de Nostradame, came up with all of his predictions more than 450 years ago in a book entitled Les Prophéties.

His prophecies are cryptic four-line poems with an almost oracle-like vagueness to them.

This has left his work to be open to wild interpretation, as some claim that he predicted things like the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany and even the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers in New York.

Many even bizarrely claim that his book has accurately predicted everything from the death of John F Kennedy in 1963, to the Great Fire of London in 1666.

The astrologer’s predictions took the form of four-lined poems or quatrains that were divided into 10 chapters called Centuries.

In 2022, Nostradamus made a chilling prediction about a growing migrant crisis, that some believe is a reference to France and the UK.

The oracle wrote: “Of blood and hunger greater calamity,

“Seven times appreste to the marine beach,

“Monech of hunger, place taken, captivity.”

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This comes after both the UK and France faced a grave crisis after a boat carrying migrants from France to the United Kingdom capsized in the English Channel killing 27 people.

This event was regarded as the deadliest incident in the Channel since the International Organization for Migration first began collecting data in 2014.

The victims came from all around the world, including Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Egypt and Somalia.

Since then both countries have been locked into negotiations, with each side pointing fingers at the other, blaming them for not doing enough.

France was criticised after police were seen watching and taking no action as a group of at least 40 migrants, including at least 5 children, attempted to cross the channel to the UK with a large inflatable boat. 

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