Brexit Britain slashes EU red tape to become world leader in AI technology | Science | News

The Tories have vowed to keep regulation to a “minimum” by creating a “pro-innovation regulatory environment”. The UK is already first in Europe and ranked third in the world in the list of top countries for AI behind the US and China, with a reported £9billion investment growth for the industry between 2019 and 2021.

Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) Minister Chris Philp vowed AI would “generate billions for the economy and improve our lives”.

He said: “They power the technology we use on a daily basis and help save lives through better disease diagnosis and drug discovery.

“The UK already punches above its weight internationally and we are ranked third in the world behind the USA and China in the list of top countries for AI.

“We’re laying the foundations for the next ten years’ growth with a strategy to help us seize the potential of artificial intelligence and play a leading role in shaping the way the world governs it.”

Dmitry Kaminskiy, founder of Deep Knowledge Analytics and Co-founder of Innovation Eye, said London was the AI capital of Europe.

He told Business Wire: “London accommodates 1300 AI companies, comprising 65 percent of the entire UK AI industry ecosystem.

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The move comes after research showed global investors poured £13.5billion into more than 1,400 UK private technology firms between January and June 2021 – more than that achieved in other large EU tech markets Germany and France and Israel combined.

Government Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance added: “AI technologies have the capacity to fundamentally transform many aspects of the way we live and work.

“The UK is already a world leader in certain aspects of AI – and this strategy helps to define how to enhance those capabilities further to ensure that the UK can both develop and use AI for the benefit of citizens.”

As part of its plan to become a world leader in AI technology, the DCMS will launch a National AI Research and Innovation Programme to improve coordination and collaboration between the country’s researchers.

It will also launch a joint Office for AI (OAI) and UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) programme aimed at continuing to develop AI in sectors based outside of London and the South East to focus on areas which currently do not use much AI technology, such as energy and farming.

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