Andrew Neil savages anti-vaxxers with sobering chart showing ‘overwhelming evidence’ | Science | News

The former GB News presenter shared the chart showing the rate of admission to critical care with COVID-19 per 100,000 people in a certain age group per week. It used data from vaccinated, double-vaccinated and boosted individuals who were admitted to hospital between May to December 2021. It was taken from a study published by the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre.

The results showed “overwhelming evidence” that unvaccinated people were far more likely to end up in critical care.

By far the highest rate of critical care admissions was among the 60-69 age group, with the proportion of those unvaccinated being immensely significant at over 40.

For those aged 18 to 29, the rate of admission to critical care per 100,000 for those unvaccinated was 0.5, and for those who were double vaccinated 0.1.

In the 30 to 39 bracket, the rate went up to 1.6 per 100,000 for unvaccinated patients, and stayed the same at 0.1 for those double jabbed.

For patients aged 50-59 the rate of admission was 12.1 per 100,000 if unvaccinated, 0.4 if double vaccinated, and 0.2 if boosted.

Mr Neil said: “Evidence overwhelming that if you’re unvaxed and catch Covid you are much more likely to end up in critical care.”

In all the other age groups too, the proportion of people in critical care who had been double vaccinated and boosted could hardly even be seen on the charts.

But the rate of people who were not vaccinated and had ended up in critical care was staggering.

And this is not the collection of data that has highlighted the crucial need to get the jab if you want to avoid severe illness from COVID-19.

In the three months up to the end of July, 73 percent of ICU admissions were unvaccinated.

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Health secretary Sajid Javid told Sky News back in December: “If we look at those that are the most ill in hospital, needing the most care and attention, around nine out of 10 of them are unvaccinated.”

In the UK, nearly 36 million people have received a booster shot.

Almost 48 million people have had two jabs, and over 135 million vaccines have been administered in total.

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